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Alvarion's eMGW (Enhanced Multi Gain Wireless) wireless telephony and DSL solution is a cost-effective, rapidly deployable, point-to-multipoint system that provides optimal data and voice services for residential, SOHO, home workers, telecommuters, branch offices, plants and office networks in urban, suburban and rural environments. Embracing a hybrid switching concept, the eMGW offers the ideal solution to overcome the economic and technological challenges network operators face.

Utilizing state-of-the-art hybrid transmission technology, eMGW uniquely combines packet switching for fast data services. This maximizes use of valuable spectrum resources and circuit switching for toll quality voice, guaranteeing Quality of Service and Grade of Service. The eMGW operates in a broad range of licensed and license-exempt (ISM) frequency bands (1.5-5.7 GHz).

  • Upgrades existing networks with advanced data services
  • Provides DSL services in low and medium subscriber density areas
  • Provides voice services in sparse rural areas
  • Reduced CAPEX with low initial investment
  • Expands networks and responds to subscriber demand efficiently with modular, scalable design








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