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Since 1999, Proxim's ORiNOCO® wireless LANs have led the industry in providing organizations worldwide with enterprise-class wireless networks with the highest reliability, security, upgradeability, flexibility and manageability. ORiNOCO solutions can deploy any combination of Wi-Fi standards (802.11 a/b/g/n), and with Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) authentication and encryption, rogue AP detection and 802.11i readiness, ORiNOCO helps ensure your organization’s wireless network and data transmissions stay protected.

ORiNOCO Wi-Fi client products and access points enable seamless mobility and increased productivity for organizations of any size, worlwide. With ample capacity to handle the growing demands of integrated data, voice, video and mobility, ORiNOCO products provide effortless wireless connectivity to laptop, desktop and handheld users within office buildings, schools and campuses, hospitals, warehouses, public hot spots and more. And with the ORiNOCO 802.11n product line, organizations can finally cut the cord and enable the completely wireless enterprise – with performance greater than existing wired LANs, at half the price of existing WLANs.


ORiNOCO AP-8000 and AP-800 802.11n Access Points

Proxim's ORiNOCO AP-8000 and ORiNOCO AP-800 802.11n access points are the highest performance 802.11n solutions on the market, at half the cost of traditional 802.11a/b/g WLANs.

ORiNOCO® AP-4000 Access Point

Highest performance enterprise-class access point pre-configured with tri-mode (simultaneous 802.11a/b/g operation) for comprehensive 2.4 and 5 GHz rogue AP detection and automatic support of all Wi-Fi client types.

ORiNOCO® AP-700 Access Point

The new, high performance AP-700 is the entry-level solution in Proxim's next-generation line of access points supporting enterprise voice and video applications. The AP-700 is perfect for mid-size production Wi-Fi networks.

ORiNOCO® Client Products

Proxim's ORiNOCO client products deliver the industry's best performance for your notebook, desktop or portable device. From economical single standard PC cards to highly flexible 802.11a/b/g ComboCards, ORiNOCO offers a wide range of Wi-Fi certified PC cards. To seamlessly connect your desktops, workstations and other portable devices, you can also choose among ORiNOCO's USB and PCI adapter products.







ORiNOCO® AP-8000 and AP-800 802.11n Access Points US | A4

ORiNOCO® AP-4000 Access Point US | A4

ORiNOCO® AP-700 Access Point US | A4

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