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WLAN Design and Development

Modern wireless systems can provide multiple wireless access 'networks', each with its own specific security and quality of service (QoS) to safeguard data integrity and performance for converged applications such as video, voice and data.

Significant steps have been made in WLAN security to overcome the vulnerabilities of those early systems which only deployed WEP. Today's wireless systems support a number of security options including several EAP types, AES encryption and RADIUS authentication forwarding into Active Directory.

Centralised management of the wireless infrastructure with 'lightweight' APs also reduces the management overhead of dealing with large numbers of APs. They also allow centralised reporting of wireless rogues and attacks via intrustion detection and prevention alerts.

Whilst these are all good features, the design and deployment of a modern wireless system which will meet the requirements of today's business critical wireless applications should not be left to the inexperienced or taken lightly.

All too often wireless networks are criticised for poor performance, coverage or security. The main reason for this is that the access points are treated just like any other layer-3 access device and no consideration has been made for the RF footprint of the environment in which they are being installed. This is often compounded by poor coverage and capacity plans through the lack of RF survey on site. There is no substitute for erecting actual APs and antennas when performing a survey. Ultimately what you see (or rather can't see) is what you get in terms of signal strength, SNR and resilience. No mathmatical or paper based survey will ever detect RF interference emitting from a dual band PIR sensor which obliterates half of the usable RF spectrum.

It is therefore essential that if you want a wireless network which meets the requirements of today's triple play, business critical wireless applications that you engage a proefessional service organisation that are Wireless Experts.

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