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WALKair® 3000

WALKair 3000 is a premium point-to-multipoint BWA solution that delivers fiber-equivalent services at upstream and downstream rates of up to 138 Mbps per sector (when using multi carrier). Developed for new and established carriers, WALKair 3000 provides proven last mile solutions for small and medium businesses and residential applications.

WALKair 3000 is optimal for next-generation cellular backhauling applications. It operates in the 3.5, 10.5, 26 and 28GHz bands, and can be collocated with the WALKair 1000 system.

  • Enables rapid market penetration, subscription growth and enhanced value-added services with demand-based build-out, easy installation
  • Scalable offering – pay as you grow solution threw the multi carrier capabilities. Enabling the customer to grow from 69Mbps (aggregated traffic per sector) to 276Mbps aggregated.
  • Lower total cost of ownership with single platform that combines all communication and information technologies, including IP, Ethernet, Leased Line and TDM Voice
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical data rates up to 34.5Mbps per customer (upstream and downstream) over 3.5 MHz, 7 MHz and 14 MHz channels
  • Optimize highest spectral efficiency - 2.5 Bit/Sec/Hz
  • Enhances quality of service mechanisms supporting VLAN priority bit (802.1p) classifications and large frame support
  • Accurately measures radio air link performance with Bit Error Rate (BER) Meter





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