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WALKair® 1000

WALKair 1000 is the ideal point-to-multipoint broadband wireless access solution for carriers servicing small/medium enterprises, industrial, retail and residential subscribers. With instant and independent infrastructure, WALKair 1000 is immediately deployable with low infrastructure construction and operating costs.

The patented WALKair 1000 AirLink protocol leverages Multi-Carrier TDMA-FDD Radio Access technology to deliver fast, reliable, asymmetrical and dynamic bandwidth allocation between the base station and terminal stations. This ensures consistent QoS for all Internet, data and voice services, including always-on Internet connectivity, VPNs, VLANs, VoIP, POTS, and ISDN - BRI & PRI.

WALKair 1000 maximizes data throughput volume by providing a total cell capacity of 256 Mbps at a 28 MHz frequency allocation and more than 512 Mbps at 56 MHz, using single polarization. A single WALKair 1000 base station can support up to 2048 terminal stations with peak data burst rates of 4 Mbps.

  • Delivers always-on connectivity with optimized packet switching technology
  • Superior coverage for mobile and fixed narrowband wireless system base stations with efficient backhaul connectivity
  • Eliminates need for multiple rooftop outdoor units with IP QoS/CoS mapping to ATM QoS at the base station
  • Higher capacity, coverage and availability with 64 QAM modulation
  • Simple unit configuration and multiple simultaneous unit upgrading with easy-to-use SNMP-based remote management





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