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Star Management Suite

The Star management suite is a comprehensive, field-proven, carrier-class set of tools that support the entire WiMAX life-cycle - from initial installation to full service provision and ongoing maintenance and support activities. Designed specifically for WiMAX, and based on Alvarion’s superior WiMAX technologies, the Star management suite helps service providers cost-effectively manage WiMAX deployments, roll out new services and maintain high service levels to ensure profitability and stay competitive. Star helps service providers reduce operational expenditures (OPEX) involved in deploying and maintaining a WiMAX network by streamlining the advanced monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting tasks required for efficient network operation.

The Star management suite offers a tightly-integrated, cost-effective management solution that adds value to any WiMAX investment and can be deployed gradually in accordance with network needs.

  • Ensure Quality of Service ( QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Ease deployment with smooth integration with OSS/BSS environments
  • Reduce TCO
  • Shorten time-to-market for new WiMAX services
  • Comply with WiMAX network standards
  • Manage multiple CPEs
  • Minimize OPEX

Safely and efficiently manage entire deployment and ongoing functionality of WiMAX base stations in fixed and mobile networks, with advanced control features including comprehensive FCAPs coverage, full support for Northbound Interface connectivity, and mass configuration and maintenance tasks over multiple elements.

StarACS (Automatic Configuration Server)
Cost-effectively manage multi-vendor WiMAX CPEs, as well as any fixed or nomadic supported devices, with "zero touch” installation, auto provisioning and remote control.

Optimize WiMAX network usage, maximize traffic capacity, maintain high-level, foolproof quality services and comply with maintenance service level agreements with this network performance and traffic monitoring system.

Service providers can easily generate various types of network inventory reports for a full, accurate and easy-to-understand review of the deployed network.








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