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ProximVision Network Management System is a powerful tool to plan, install, manage and secure wireless networks. From a central location, this user friendly application enables end-end management of the wireless network. It is packaged as an appliance with the software application pre-loaded to support 25, 100, 200 or 1000 nodes. For your convenience, the appliance is pre-loaded with the ProximVision application. Depending on specific requirements, one can choose the Standard version or the Advanced version.

Providing one console for your entire wireless network, it supports remote configuration & provisioning of the entire wireless infrastructure. Furthermore, it enables centralized firmware distribution and management to reduce OpEx. With a strong set of diagnostic features, ProximVision helps you to quickly identify trouble spots in your network. For intelligent network planning and monitoring, it has extensive reporting capabilities. It plays a critical role in securing your wireless network with centralized policy definition - encryption/ authentication method, passwords, SSID, open/closed network, etc.


  • Offers a single intelligent console to monitor, analyze and configure wireless networks
  • Supports automated device discovery across any infrastructure (LAN or WAN)
  • Rich security features – compliance audits, centralized policy definition (encryption/ authentication method, passwords, SSID, open/closed network, etc.), automated configuration of devices to eliminate human error, regular configuration audits, etc.
  • Scaleable – can manage networks of up to 1000 nodes
  • User-based monitoring for real time information and quick troubleshooting
  • Diagnostics and alarms for fast problem resolution




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