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The ProximUnify wireless controller provides widespread mobility, high reliability, and scalability throughout both indoor and outdoor wireless networks. In conjunction with ORiNOCO access points, the ProximUnify wireless controller enables mobility of voice, video and data applications beyond the four walls of the enterprise.

Widespread Mobility for Voice, Video and Data

ProximUnify leverages Proxim's end-to-end wireless expertise to extend high-performance mobility for voice, video and data applications across both indoor and outdoor environments, enabling true widespread mobility.

  • WPA2 with pre-authentication enables high-speed roaming for fast, smooth handoffs between access points for latency-sensitive applications such as voice over Wi-Fi.
  • VLAN roaming enables seamless connectivity across large networks, including indoor to outdoor mobility.
  • Support for the Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) specification enables wireless QoS for the prioritization of voice or other high-priority traffic.

High Reliability for Consistent Roaming

ProximUnify enables VLAN roaming without a single point of failure with failover capabilities including:

  • Redundant 10/100 Ethernet ports for automatic failover of connection to the Ethernet network, in case other equipment in the network fails.
  • Redundant modules for automatic failover of connection, in case a ProximUnify module fails.
  • Master failover ensures that wireless domain moves to a backup ProximUnify should the master ProximUnify fail.

Secure Scalability for Cost-Effective Expansion

ProximUnify minimizes network traffic and can support more APs than competitively-priced appliances, enabling the cost-effective extension of wireless mobility.

  • Does not require restructuring of existing Ethernet network.
  • Distributed tunneling creates VLAN tunnels only as necessary, eliminating traffic duplication and network bottlenecks.
  • By eliminating the need for all wireless traffic to be sent to a central appliance, ProximUnify enables more flexible networks.
  • Support for up to 4,096 APs per wireless domain (with redundancy) enables extremely cost-effective scalability of the network, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Encryption/authentication ensures consistent mobile security, even as clients roam from subnet to subnet.




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