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Lynx®.GX Series

Proxim is a leader in T1/E1 spread spectrum, unlicensed radios. LYNX™ radios provide unlicensed wireless interconnect solutions in a variety of telecommunications interfaces up to 16xT1. LYNX™ unlicensed radios operate in the 5.8 GHz ISM band.

New Manageability and Installation Flexibility Lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Proxim's Lynx.GX is a high-capacity, full-duplex point-to-point digital radio product line with a unique split-box design supporting T1/E1 capacity. This new generation of products, designed for maximum installation flexibility, provides unprecedented system gain and carrier-class operational features for cellular backhaul, enterprise voice applications and voice network redundancy.

  • Adapts to individual maintenance, system performance, and budget requirements to fit a variety of specific operator needs
  • Simplifies future upgrades by requiring only Indoor Unit (IDU) replacement as capacity requirements grow
  • Two-piece split-box assembly, consisting of an Indoor Unit (IDU) and an RF Unit, provides installation flexibility
  • Indoor-only installation facilitates quick maintenance and easier upgrades
  • Indoor/outdoor installation improves system gain, lowers tower leasing costs and reduces total cost of ownership

Easily manage and trouble-shoot your wireless network

Lynx.GX radios offer sophisticated, preventative management tools to simplify network maintenance and eliminate downtime. Advanced diagnostic tools identify and isolate potential issues before they impact the network.

  • Standards-based SNMP management and web-based GUI simplifies remote management and integrates easily into existing software platforms
  • Built-in spectrum analyzer and an alarm log facilitate RF planning and post-deployment tuning

Cost-Effectively Prepare For Future Growth

The range of Lynx products gives operators the choice of capacity they need, allowing them to grow to support higher-bandwidth cellular backhaul applications.

  • Range of choices for capacity and simple upgrade path
  • Extra capacity for bandwidth-intensive applications such as multimedia services, photo sharing, text messaging and handset Internet access
  • Superior system gain ensures consistent, carrier-class transmission of growing network traffic
  • No expensive recurring leased line costs
  • Wayside Ethernet Channel enables far-end management of both Proxim and Non-Proxim equipment




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