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Lynx®.G5 Series

Telecommunications providers, utilities and enterprises are challenged by a growing demand for high-capacity bandwidth that provides the high performance and high security users demand, along with the flexibility needed to future proof their deployments. Proxim extends its leadership in carrier-class point-to-point radios with the Lynx.G5 family of Wireless Ethernet bridges. These products provide carriers, utilities and enterprises advanced flexibility for high-performance voice and data backhaul by enabling the choice between any frequency in the 5.15-6.08 GHz spectrum — all in a single radio. With support for both T1/E1 interfaces as well as Ethernet, the Lynx.G5 future-proofs backhaul deployments by supporting both technologies simultaneously and providing a simple migration path to IP as the industry moves towards T1 replacement.

High Performance Provides the High Capacity Needed for Voice, Video and Data Backhaul

Merging the field-proven architecture of the existing Proxim Lynx®.GX and Tsunami™ product families, the Lynx.G5 features the same high-performance and dependability for which Proxim products are known. The Lynx.G5 radios are available in three models — a 4T1 and a 4E1 model — all of which include a single Ethernet interface.

Additional high-performance features include:

  • IP Packet Filtering and QOS on every Ethernet IP packet
  • Built-in silence detection and redundant data compression for increased data capacity

Highly-Flexible Solution for Frequency Choice and Migration to IP

Regardless of the applications being supported on carrier, enterprise or utility networks, the ability to support multiple frequencies in a single product makes deployments a lot simpler. The Lynx.G5 combines support of 5.15 - 6.08 GHz licensed and unlicensed spectrums on 5, 10 or 20 MHz channels — all integrated into one radio. For the ultimate in flexibility, the radios are software configurable, making it simple to reconfigure radios when deploying in the field.

Other features that enhance flexibility include:

  • Support for both T1/E1 interfaces as well as 10/100 Ethernet, providing a simple migration path to IP as the industry moves towards T1 replacement
  • Support for 5, 10 or 20 MHz channels
  • Software configurable, making it simple to reconfigure radios when deploying in the field
  • SNMP and CLI interfaces for flexible remote management

Out-of-the-Box Security

In today's geo-political climate it is imperative that point-to-point bridges provide highly secure, over-the-air encryption to ensure the secure transmission of data:

  • The Lynx.G5 radios feature hardware-based, RSA-certified AES encryption to secure the radio link without any impact to performance.
  • Proxim's WORP (Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol) and MD5 authentication provide additional security between Point-to-Point units.




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