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End User Devices

Alvarion’s WiMAX end user devices provide operators with flexible and cost-effective solutions for all types of subscribers. Devices range from indoor/outdoor simple modems and residential gateways, to WiMAX PC accessories including PC cards, USB dongles, express cards, mobile Internet devices, netbooks and hand-held devices. Designed for plug-and-play operation with easy-to-install and self provisioning capabilities, Alvarion End User Devices cover a wide range of frequencies and enable simple connectivity to mobile voice and data services anytime, anywhere.

  • Feature-rich device portfolio designed for fixed, nomadic and mobile users
  • Support for various application types in a variety of networking and voice configurations
  • Deliver mobile, nomadic and fixed services in the 2.x, 3.x and
    5.x GHz spectrum
  • OPEN WiMAX architecture powered by leading chipset vendors
  • Compliant with WiMAX Forum® Network Working Group specifications

For more information on Alvarion's portfolio of WiMAX connectivity devices see BreezeMAX End User Devices.




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