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BreezeMAX® 3650

U.S. 3.65 GHz operators now have the ability to leverage the performance of an 802.16e solution with Alvarion’s BreezeMAX 3650, while benefiting from the economies of scale generated by the WiMAX ecosystem.

BreezeMAX 3650 supports self-install CPEs, advanced antenna technologies including MIMO, and enables up to fourth order diversity to maximize capacity and coverage. Enabling more users per cell site and more available bandwidth for more applications and services, operators need to deploy less required sites resulting in lower CAPEX and OPEX.

  • Increased coverage and capacity with advanced antenna technology, including 2nd, 4th order diversity and MIMO
  • Wide range of BreezeMAX 3650 base station configurations
  • Supports both indoor and outdoor use with a variety of CPEs
  • Stable connectivity via self-install CPE
  • Future-proof investment with WiMAX 802.16e equipment
  • Delivers fixed and portable services to residential and business customers in rural, suburban and urban areas
  • Ensures high quality service with end-to-end QoS for data, voice and video services







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