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A carrier-class WiMAX platform, BreezeMAX is the foundation of Alvarion’s OPEN WiMAX 4Motion solution. BreezeMAX offers operators greater coverage, capacity and throughput to provide top quality quad-play services for enhanced end-user experience. The BreezeMAX family of base stations and antennas address the need for converged data access, voice, video and multimedia services over all-IP networks– today and tomorrow. Quality assured high throughput and availability, BreezeMAX utilizes a range of diversity schemes for optimized coverage and capacity deployments, centralized and distributed ASN-GW and a central networking and management architecture.

  • Modular, scalable, future-proof network architecture, and flexible pay-as-you-grow deployment plans for rapid market penetration.
  • Advanced radio resource management technologies.
  • Component redundancy and comprehensive network management system.
  • More users per cell site, more available bandwidth for more applications and services, enabling reduced CAPEX and OPEX.

BreezeMAX Macro Indoor

BreezeMAX Macro Indoor base stations are ideally suited for large-scale WiMAX deployments with support for up to 6 sectors and include an Indoor Unit (IDU) main chassis and an Outdoor Access Unit (ODU).

BreezeMAX Macro Outdoor
BreezeMAX Macro Outdoor is an all-outdoor, modular carrier-class WiMAX™ 802.16e certified base station for wireless access and an integral part of Alvarion's end-to-end 4Motion® solution.

BreezeMAX 3650

BreezeMAX 3650 is a 802.16e-based WiMAX solution for the US FCC 3.65-3.70 GHz
frequency band allocated for wireless broadband, which includes macro and micro
base stations.

BreezeMAX Extreme
BreezeMAX Extreme is an all outdoor WiMAX 802.16e base station for fixed and nomadic services. Its flexible design and pay-as-you-grow scalability enable a customized deployment that suits operator needs.

BreezeMAX Extreme 5000
BreezeMAX Extreme 5000 is the first WiMAX 16e solution for the 5GHz band license exempt market.  The all-in-one, all-outdoor WiMAX solution provides enhanced coverage and capacity and carrier QoS for service providers access services, public safety and a variety of private network applications

BreezeMAX Extreme 3650

Alvarion's all-in- one, all-outdoor, zero footprint WiMAX 16e wireless broadband solution for the quasi-licensed 3.65 GHz band in the United States.

BreezeMAX® Wi2
Combined WiMAX and Wi-Fi end-to-end broadband solution for better and simpler access to data, voice and multimedia services – anytime, anywhere.

BreezeMAX End User Devices
Alvarion's wide selection of feature-rich end user devices provides operators with a cost effective and highly flexible solution for serving all types of customers.






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