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BreezeACCESS® 900

NAonlyOperating in the license-exempt 902-928 MHz band, BreezeACCESS® 900 is a cost-effective Broadband Wireless Access solution that enables service providers to deliver high-speed, wireless data and voice services for fixed and mobile applications. BreezeACCESS 900 enables the reliable delivery of services in non-line-of-sight ( NLOS), foliage-dense environments.

The BreezeACCESS 900 can be easily deployed without the cost of adding base station infrastructure because the system integrates easily with existing BreezeACCESS networks by leveraging available capacity from operational 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. With this exceptionally low initial investment, BreezeACCESS 900 is the ideal solution for a variety of applications.

  • Secure, robust and reliable wireless access over urban or rural areas created with 10 times less infrastructure than mesh systems
  • Superior range with hybrid digital modulation to customize frequency operation away from sources of interference and variable antenna polarity
  • Comprehensive built-in spectrum analyzer utility for site surveys, network planning, system configuration and troubleshooting
  • Increased revenues by growing networks and subscriber base with little additional investment
BreezeACCESS SU-M is the mobile subscriber unit used to provide robust, interference-resistant mobile coverage of up to several miles radius per cell at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies. Deployed throughout North America, the Unit allows public safety organizations (EMS, police, fire, etc.), transit entities, and other field workers to maintain high-speed Internet and LAN connections while on the move throughout entire cities and service areas. Deploy the SU-M and be able to manage your fleet of cars remotely and provide remote access to your crew. Connecting via BreezeACCESS SU-M increases individual productivity between 2-3 hours per day, resulting in more field time, more efficient management of remote IT assets, shorter time to arrest cycles, and other benefits.
  • Meets requirements for rugged, robust field performance
  • Perform "hand-off" at speeds of 60 MPH
  • Assures full operation with typical automobile power (9-18 VDC)
  • Complies with EN300 019-2-5 transportation specifications for shock, vibration, and environment



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