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Alvarion’s all-IP 4Motion solution

Alvarion’s all-IP 4Motion solution is the foundation of the company’s OPEN WiMAX ecosystem, combining BreezeMAX and other best-of-breed systems. Designed as an open standard with high interoperability, 4Motion provides a complete ecosystem at the network level, enabling operators to be most responsive to the latest consumer electronic devices, service offerings and new industry applications.

4Motion delivers anytime, anywhere wireless broadband connectivity for the most demanding, bandwidth-hungry, packet-based applications.

* Integrated mobile, nomadic and fixed WiMAX solution in a single base station that supports a mixture of residential and business users.
* Modular base stations capable of addressing a wide range of service and network deployment models.
* Distributed radio architecture and scalable IP solutions for a broad range and variety of deployment scenarios.
* Exceptional WiMAX coverage and capacity to address today’s demand patterns.
* Scaling performance through the use of unique technologies and innovative radio resource management techniques.
* Superior radio coverage coupled with all-IP technology, reduces operators’ TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Radio Access Networking (RAN) Portfolio
The WiMAX radio access network (RAN) is part of the mobile telecommunications system, and implements the radio access technology.

Core Networking Solutions
Linking the WiMAX RAN to the application layer, WiMAX Core Networking forms the central component of the network.

Management Solutions
Alvarion's STAR Management Suite is a comprehensive, field proven, carrier-class, robust management suite made up of specific management tools that cover the entire WiMAX service life-cycle.

End User Devices
End user equipment is the customer’s access point to the WiMAX network and
devices. It includes fixed or nomadic enablers such as indoor and outdoor CPEs,
and Mobile WiMAX equipment such as smartphones, MIDs and WiMAX-enabled

4Motion utilizes Alvarion's proprietary SentieM technology MCBCS ( Multicast and Broadcast Services) framework to enhance capacity, QoS and coverage range, thereby enabling operators to offer subscribers value-added voice, data and video services, anytime, anywhere.



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