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Ymax Wireless Solutions is an international value-added reseller providing state-of-the-art wireless solutions and network integrator of high-capacity microwave and spread spectrum radio communications systems.

Ymax Wireless Solutions provide a range of professional services, products and solutions which enable businesses to maximize revenue streams and productivity gains through the effective and secure deployment of wireless technology.

Our solutions are designed to ensure that every customer is happy with sufficient bandwidth and availability for the intended use of the wireless network. Whether you require a point-point solution, a voice over Wi-Fi/Wi-Max, or an enterprise wide multi-access wireless network. We also understand that there are numerous demands on the wireless network with differing security needs. Each of these needs are incorporated into the client’s solution to ensure that the network and its security are aligned with the security policy of the organization.

Where it is technically feasible, wireless networking and private microwave offer the quickest return on investment compared to leased lines and other wireline technologies. In many cases, a wired infrastructure may not be possible.

Established in 2008, Ymax Wireless Solutions has rapidly expanded along with the worldwide wireless industry. Ymax Wireless Solutions is a Connecticut-based company, but maintains sales and service centers in Ecuador, Brazil and other countries.





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